Summertime can mean more door-to-door salespeople visiting your home or neighborhood. Warmer weather can also present more opportunities for potential thieves looking for easy entry into your home. Either way, you can use these five, simple steps to protect your property and family from door-to-door scams or break-ins. For over 40 years, we've been designing and installing custom security systems for homes and businesses across the USA. Contact us today to learn how easy and affordable it is to secure… Read More
You're rushing out the door, and all the lights are still on. Pulling out of the driveway, and you forgot to lock your front door. You get to work and wonder if your son closed the garage. No worries! For wireless security system owners and Alert 360 mobile app users, there's great news. Our convenient mobile alarm app "Scenes" option gives you the ability to adjust multiple, connected devices in your home, using a single command on your phone or… Read More
When spring fever strikes, you'll be on the go. Family outings and weekend getaways are far less stressful when you can check in on home or anyone who stayed behind (including your pets). The surest way to worry-free days is in the palm of your hand – your smartphone and our free mobile security app. Managing your home security system while you're away, using an app on your smartphone, tablet, or Apple Watch, is both simple and reassuring. During springtime… Read More
You've probably seen the news of homeowners who've caught bad guys in the act thanks to their home security cameras or doorbell cameras. Advances in technology and lower costs have made security cameras with remote access a reality for families across the country who want to see what's happening in and around their homes or capture recordings for insurance and authorities. From keeping an eye on beloved pets, elderly parents, and teenage children to vulnerable areas around the home, such… Read More
It's a fact that a monitored home security system can help prevent break-ins. Even having a yard sign from a reputable alarm provider makes your home less likely to be the target of a home burglary. You probably also know a security system can help keep an eye on children and elderly parents, alerting you when they arrive home safely and ensuring they are secure at home. However, there are several other advantages in having a monitored alarm system that… Read More