Remote Alarm Monitoring Solutions

Enjoy Mobile Access of Your Security System

Today’s families and business owners require modern security options. Wireless, remote, and mobile capabilities provide convenient access and help you protect your home or business from anywhere, day or night. It’s as easy as accessing the Central Security Group app on your smartphone, tablet or desktop.

Remotely Control your Security System and Check in, from Anywhere

Controlling your home security system should be easy, which is why Central Security Group offers remote alarm systems for homes and businesses, allowing remote control of your security system at or away from the home or office, while traveling, or out for the evening. With remote home video monitoring, you can even look in to see who’s at the door, or check in on the kids.

Remote Alarm Devices
Remote Alarm Devices

Central Security Group’s advanced, wireless Alert 360 remote alarm monitoring services, including our mobile app, provide control, access and peace of mind … at your fingertips.

  • Orange Arrow Bullet Know when a door, window, or sensitive area is accessed
  • Orange Arrow Bullet Arm or disarm your alarm system from anywhere
  • Orange Arrow Bullet Remotely lock or unlock doors
  • Orange Arrow Bullet View live video from your mobile device
  • Orange Arrow Bullet Receive surveillance video clips via your smartphone
  • Orange Arrow Bullet Adjust your home’s temperature, lights and more

While you gain control through remote alarm solutions, Central Security Group’s alarm monitoring center and dispatch team is there for you to notify emergency personnel if needed.

Remote Alarm Monitoring

Life is complicated enough. Securing your home and family doesn’t have to be. Call us today for your free security consultation and more information. 888-642-4567

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Features and Benefits of Remote Alarm Monitoring

Operating your security system or staying connected becomes as easy as checking your email or accessing an app. With a remote alarm system for your home, you enjoy:

  • Orange Arrow Bullet Access and control while traveling
  • Orange Arrow Bullet Convenient online log in from anywhere
  • Orange Arrow Bullet Ability to play back video that recorded when motion sensors were activated
  • Orange Arrow Bullet Full integration with our interactive security and automation services
  • Orange Arrow Bullet Options to view or record security system events, such as a door opening
  • Orange Arrow Bullet Offsite, secure storage of video surveillance footage
  • Orange Arrow Bullet Notifications via text or email when new video clips have been recorded

Remote Video Access Provides Visual Peace of Mind

Central Security Group’s remote video monitoring systems offer traditional home security, such as seeing who’s at your door or who broke in. It also helps with things that matter most, such as:

  • Orange Arrow Bullet Knowing when children arrive home safely
  • Orange Arrow Bullet Checking in on elderly parents, pets, or house guests
  • Orange Arrow Bullet Ensuring vacation homes or rental properties are secure
  • Orange Arrow Bullet Providing access to those visiting even when you’re not there
  • Orange Arrow Bullet Keeping an eye on swimming pools or other sensitive areas

Remote control and mobile access to your security system, with video monitoring, is convenient and a time saver. Call us today for your free security consultation and more information.

It’s as Easy as Checking Email or Opening our Alarm Monitoring App

Remote Alarm Monitoring Interfaces