Control Your Smart Home With Your Apple Watch

As a leading alarm company, partnering with innovative technology providers, our wireless alarm systems and home automation services have always been easy to remotely control, via your smartphone, laptop, or desktop.

Remote Alarm Monitoring Interfaces

Now, Apple Watch owners can stay connected and secure their homes, offices, or property with a simple tap on the wrist. With your Apple Watch and our mobile security app, you’ll be able to simply and intuitively:

  • Orange Arrow Bullet View your property’s connected security or automation devices in one place
  • Orange Arrow Bullet Control your office or home security system, locks, and garage doors
  • Orange Arrow Bullet Arm or disarm your security system from almost anywhere
  • Orange Arrow Bullet Increase the effectiveness of your small business security or commercial alarm monitoring with quick, easy access while away
  • Orange Arrow Bullet Control access remotely with smart locks and garage doors
  • Orange Arrow Bullet Adjust your thermostat and increase efficiencies with our energy management solutions
  • Orange Arrow Bullet Turn your lights on and off with a tap
  • Orange Arrow Bullet View important events through our video monitoring
  • Orange Arrow Bullet Respond easily to scheduled alerts or alarm notifications

Convenient Alerts and Access – At a Glance, From Your Apple Watch

Unlike traditional systems that only alert you in an alarm event, Central Security Group’s Alert 360 interactive systems let you know what’s happening at your property at any time – whether your system is armed or not.

And with our mobile app and your Apple Watch, you can check in anytime and enjoy our remote alarm monitoring solutions wherever you go, around the clock:

  • Orange Arrow Bullet Use our Actionable Notifications option to receive location-based reminders and alerts
  • Orange Arrow Bullet Receive customized alerts and be aware of activity around your property with just a quick glance at your Apple Watch
  • Orange Arrow Bullet Know if you left home or your business without arming the security system, locking the door or closing the garage
  • Orange Arrow Bullet Take action or respond right from your wrist so you can instantly resolve any issue – no need to navigate to another screen or even open the app
  • Orange Arrow Bullet View a summary of your property’s status, including your garage doors, connected locks, security cameras and even your lights, with just a swipe and a glance
Apple Watch Garage Door

Together with our wireless security and home automation solutions, the Apple Watch delivers a new level of convenience and way to interact with your home or office, providing the ultimate security, automation, and smart home experience.