Home Energy Management Systems

Save On Energy Costs, Without Lifting a Finger!

Who isn’t looking to save money on high energy bills? Our energy management services can help reduce the energy your home uses and create a more comfortable home environment. Whether you are home or away, controlling your appliances, lighting and more through automated or mobile energy management services can increase security and help your home run more efficiently.

Get rid of waste and add comfort while you control your appliances, lights, thermostat and more! Whether you live in Oklahoma City or San Antonio, you're likely to be watching those AC costs in the summer! With energy management solutions from CSG, you can become more energy efficient while saving on energy costs, allowing you to:

  • Orange Arrow Bullet Create heating and cooling schedules based on usage
  • Orange Arrow Bullet Adjust lighting and thermostat
  • Orange Arrow Bullet Monitor electricity usage on a variety of appliances
  • Orange Arrow Bullet Set energy-efficiency goals
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Smart Energy Management

Combine the great benefits of our energy management solutions with video monitoring, interactive security, and home automation while enjoying added security, comfort and convenience.


Interactive Home Security

Stay connected with your smart home while keeping your family safe and secure with our wireless home security systems.

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video monitoring

View Camera Surveillance From Your Smart Phone

Keep your most valuable assets at the front of your mind with our security cameras that send live clips right to your phone.

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Remotely Adjust Lights and Appliances

Remotely lock your doors, set lighting schedules and adjust your thermostat when you automate your life with CSG.

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