Alert 360 Premier Home Video Surveillance

Highest Quality HD and Infrared Camera Solution for Home, Family Security

For superior viewing quality, Central Security Group offers high-definition (HD), color cameras for homeowners. Our premier camera and home monitoring system Alert 360 Videoallows you to stream encrypted video to your smartphone, tablet, or desktop. It provides:

iPad 360 Video
  • Orange Arrow Bullet viewing whenever and from wherever you want
  • Orange Arrow Bullet ease of use
  • Orange Arrow Bullet one of the most bandwidth-friendly options on the market
  • Orange Arrow Bullet a weather-resistant option

Crystal-Clear Video + Mobile App for Visual Peace of Mind, Protection
Alert 360 Video makes it easier than ever to check in at home. Our HD security cameras and mobile security app with enhanced features – such as a convenient slider bar for viewing recorded video and selecting video clips to be e-mailed or stored on any device – help:

  • Orange Arrow Bullet know when children arrive home safely
  • Orange Arrow Bullet keep an eye on elderly parents or beloved pets
  • Orange Arrow Bullet view who’s at the front door or when contractors, pet or house sitters arrive
  • Orange Arrow Bullet enjoy added peace of mind while on vacation or business trips
  • Orange Arrow Bullet know if sensitive areas, such as gun safes or medicine cabinets are accessed
  • Orange Arrow Bullet prevent porch thieves and see when important packages are delivered
  • Orange Arrow Bullet ensure the security of second homes or rental properties

. . . and more!

Alert 360 Video Smartphone
Alert 360 Video Cameras

Award-winning Cameras, with SD Card option* for Storing HD Video

Nothing is more important than our families or homes. That’s why we offer homeowners our Alert 360 high-quality cameras, with superior, crystal-clear viewing quality, including:

  • Orange Arrow Bullet Added security – Three levels of user authentication, password authorization, and login lockout features
  • Orange Arrow Bullet Flexible camera options – Indoor, outdoor, and weather resistant, HD camera, infrared and night vision
  • Orange Arrow Bullet Easy access and remote viewing – Comprehensive Alert 360 Video mobile app control with simple search and video sharing features for quick access
  • Orange Arrow Bullet Tamper-resistant protection – Cameras have tamper alarm notification, network disconnect notification and intrusion detection

*Option available for dome camera only. Customer responsible for SD card. SD card can hold up to 128 MB

Home Video Features and Security Benefits for Your Family and Property

The Alert 360 Video monitoring solution, with continuous HD recording, is:

More Secure


Uses three levels of user authentication, password authorization, and has a login lockout feature

Mobile Friendly


Remotely control cameras from your mobile device. View live video and recorded video footage through one intuitive security app.

Flexible and Easy to Install


Central Security Group’s installation professionals are actual employees of our company and experts in residential installation.

Remote Monitoring, with Enhanced Mobile App Features

Alert 360 Video is a premier camera and home video monitoring system that will allow you full access with any internet connected device. Enjoy ease of use and convenience – no matter how busy your day becomes or how far from home you are. Use Alert 360 Video and your smartphone to:

  • Orange Arrow Bullet Receive video alerts by text or email
  • Orange Arrow Bullet View recorded clips at your convenience
  • Orange Arrow Bullet Schedule event-based recordings based on your family’s schedule
  • Orange Arrow Bullet Stream video from almost anywhere in the world

Protect your Home with our Advanced Video and Recording System
Convenient and secure, Alert 360 Video is backed by the best in video surveillance. Offered as a standalone service, or as part of Central Security Group’s complete home security, automation services and alarm monitoring, Alert 360 Video protects your property with HD video, keeps you connected, and ensures loved ones are safe.