The CSG Story

Serving the Southern United States with Dependable Security System Equipment, Installation and Monitoring for Over 40 Years.

When we started out in business more than 40 years ago, we asked ourselves, "If we were our customers, what would we want from our security provider?"

We thought about it awhile and we came up with a comprehensive list of services we'd want from the company we trusted with our homes, belongings, and most importantly, our loved ones. And then we went about building a company that would provide those customer services consistently, professionally and in a helpful and understanding way.

The end result is a company that our customers choose with confidence and recommend to others for its long list of first-rate services.

First Rate Security Provider

We Offer A Broad Service Reach

Central Security Group's products and services are available in California, Arizona, Texas, Oklahoma, Kansas, Missouri, Arkansas, Louisiana, Kentucky, Tennessee, Mississippi, Alabama, Georgia, Florida, North Carolina and South Carolina.

CSG National Home Security Coverage

Reliable, Leading-Edge Technology

Leading Edge Security Monitoring

We offer a complete range of the industry's latest-generation security equipment, including mobile apps.

Two-way live voice alarm, and broadband VOIP and cellular connection systems.

This allows us to custom-configure a system that meets your needs.

Dependable, Knowledgeable Installers

Friendly and Efficient Technicians

Even the best equipment has little value if it's installed in a way that produces frequent false alarms or leaves gaps in protection. So we make sure our installers know and use proper installation procedures that ensure complete, dependable coverage, and further, that device placement is as inconspicuous and attractive as possible.

Trusted and Proven Alarm Monitoring

Trusted Alarm Monitoring

If an alarm occurs, our experienced monitoring staff responds instantly to verify the cause and expedite intervention as needed.

Their protocols are designed to produce the highest level of security for your property and loved ones... and the lowest probability of municipal charges for false alarm response.

Free Consultation

Friendly, Reliable Service

Leading Edge Security Monitoring

As we see it, our business is all about bringing you peace of mind. And this sometimes simply means providing personal, locally-based experts to answer your questions or address your concerns. All of our staff — from account service to installation to monitoring to accounting — stand ready to provide the information you need, whenever you need it.

Affordable, Reasonable Cost

For 40 years, we've offered some of the most attractive rates in the industry for equipment, installation and monitoring. We can do this thanks to a satisfied, long-term customer base. This means we don't have to spend huge amounts of money on sales and marketing to maintain a customer base. And the savings gets passed along to you.